Recoll Troubleshooting

Encountering issues with Recoll? Follow this troubleshooting guide to resolve common problems and optimize your full-text search experience.

Recoll is not indexing my documents

Check the indexing settings in Recoll preferences to ensure that the directories containing your documents are selected for indexing. Verify that there are no errors or permissions issues preventing Recoll from accessing the files. Restart Recoll and monitor the indexing process.

Search results are incomplete or inaccurate.

Double-check your search query for accuracy and consider using advanced search operators to refine your search. Ensure that the Recoll index is up-to-date by manually triggering an index update from the Recoll menu. If the issue persists, review the indexing settings and adjust them as needed.

Recoll crashes or freezes unexpectedly.

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Recoll, as updates may include bug fixes and stability improvements. Check for any conflicting software or system issues that could be causing Recoll to crash. Try running Recoll in a clean environment or on a different system to isolate the problem.

Recoll is consuming high CPU or memory resources.

Review your indexing settings to ensure that Recoll is not indexing unnecessary directories or file types. Consider adjusting the indexing frequency or limiting the number of documents indexed at once to reduce resource usage. Monitor system resource usage while Recoll is running and identify any potential bottlenecks.

Unable to open or view indexed documents.

Verify that the file formats of the indexed documents are supported by Recoll. Check for any file corruption issues that could prevent Recoll from opening the documents. If necessary, reinstall or repair the software associated with the file formats in question.